TI Safe will promote a Hackathon about Cybernetic Safety During the CLASS 2020.

Hackathon winning teams will be awarded with cash values prizes ​​as well with tickets to CLASS 2020.

Check the regulations to see all the details


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Organized by the Federations of Industries Systems from Paraná State – Fiep System, the competition joins the whole program of CLASS 2020

The Hackathon TI Safe is an event about applications and software inserted in a marathon format.

You can also attend the event as a mentor: sign up as a mentor!


The priority themes are:

  • Governance;
  • City in Network;
  • City of Knowledge;
  • Transportation and Mobility;
  • Environment and e Biodiversity;
  • Health and Wellness;
  • and Coexistence in a Global City.

The Hackathon TI Safe will happen in Curitiba from November 6th to 8th, just before the Latin-America SCADA Safety Conference. CLASS 2020 will have an even bigger challenge: How to protect smart cities? The goal is to make a marathon of ideas for them to solve the problems given from TI Safe. It is going to be 3 days of competition between 50 participants divided in 10 groups.

One of the main goals of the challenge is to leave a legacy of ideas, paths and solutions in the cybernetic safety area that will be incorporated to the Curitiba 2035 project, an initiative from Curitiba’s society for the constructions of long term guidelines, which will guide the development of cities politics from the next 20 years. The starting point of the project is the study of Curitiba 2030; its goal is to indicate a path to turn Curitiba one of the most innovative cities in the world from the next 20 years. This study was based in an organized process of collective reflection of different society segments. This resulted in a selection of actions adequate to the local desire transformations.