TI Safe will promote a Hackathon about Cybernetic Safety During the CLASS 2022.

Registration for the Hackathon TI Safe, a competition that is part of the CLASS’s complementary schedule, opened in December 2020. Everything was ready to happen at the beginning of this year, however, halfway through we came across a pandemic and, for safety’s sake, it was necessary to postpone. Since then, a lot has changed, starting with the degree of digitization experienced in the last two years. Whether due to the advent of remote work or the exponential increase in the use of online (consultations, classes, shopping, business, life) what is certain is that, no matter how much in-person work returns – and it is already returning – nothing will be as it was before. The cybersecurity discussions, which were starting to move forward in 2020, have gained unprecedented urgency, and are already at the heart of any business’s evolution.

Smart Cities will also necessarily become Protected Cities.

Therefore, this will be the motto of TI Safe’s new Hackathon. The event, which is being organized in partnership with the Paraná Industry Federation System (FIEP System), will take place in person, following all the necessary sanitary security protocols, between June 24th – 26th, 2022.

TI Safe’s Hackathon is aimed at programming applications and software in a marathon format, the term results from the combination of the English words hack (program exponentially) and marathon (marathon).

Those registered in 2020 will be contacted for the first call in January 2021 and this first stage will be completed, if there are still places available, a second phase of applications will be opened from February 2022.

Hackathon winning teams will be awarded with cash values prizes ​​as well with tickets to CLASS 2022.

Download the Event Regulation


The priority themes are:

  • Governance;
  • City in Network;
  • City of Knowledge;
  • Transportation and Mobility;
  • Environment and e Biodiversity;
  • Health and Wellness;
  • and Coexistence in a Global City.

The TI Safe Hackathon, which will take place in Curitiba between June 24th – 26th, preceding the Latin American Conference on SCADA Security, CLASS 2022, will have an even broader challenge: How to protect smart cities against cyber attacks?

The objective is to carry out a marathon of ideas to solve the challenges posed by TI Safe. There will be three days of competition with 50 participants, divided into 10 teams.

One of the main objectives of the challenge is to leave behind ideas, paths and solutions in the area of ​​cybersecurity that will be incorporated into the Curitiba 2035 project, an initiative of the Curitiba society for the construction of long-term guidelines that will guide the city’s development policies in the next 20 years.